What is Moving Pictures?

Make your favorite photos come to life, and turn those boring still images you have in your gallery into stunning moving photos with the list of tools Photo Animator brings directly to your device.

• Create as many projects as you want including your favorite photos directly from your library, or export the most beautiful images from Pixabay or Unsplash in just a single tap on your screen.

• Include incredible moving effects to your projects with the large list of effects you can add and edit in just a couple of steps.

• Include your favorite songs to your projects directly from your music library, or choose some sound effects to turn your projects even more interesting.

• Add customized text by writing personal messages and selecting the typography, color, size, and any other feature that better fits your style.

• Change color, blur the background, apply your favorite filters, or do any change you want, and give a boost to your photos with our in-app photo editor.

• Add motion effects to your pictures, and give real moving effects to your gallery.

• Save projects into the app even if you have not finished it yet.

• Share by any media in just seconds.

• Download your projects directly to your phone and choose their formats to get the greatest videos, or the funniest GIFs.

Create amazing moving masterpieces, and turn your galley into a collection of great images in just some minutes. Get the maximum of each photo, unleash your creativity and imagination, and take advantage of the large list of tools we have developed for you, and let others see the artist that live inside you.

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